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Rotary pressure joints

Rotary pressure joint is an assembly which secures sealing between inlet pipe and rotational cylinder thus providing heat transfer by media in or from the equipment's rotational element. Fluids that are commonly used for heat transfer are water, thermal oils, hydraulic oils, cooling fluids and vapor.

When it comes to rotary pressure joints, sealing of work fluids is done by the use of mechanical seal. The mechanical seals spring provides contact between sealing faces before the machine starts it's work, while during work, the contact is secured by the act of hydraulic pressure, except in cases of low operating pressures or vacuum.

The right choice of mechanical seal is of major importance in order to reach the work of rotary pressure joint efficient , because in cases of mechanical seal malfunction, leakage occurs which reduces efficiency of entire cooling or warming process.

“ Kroma Ltd” delivers rotary pressure joints adjustable for single, as well as for dual flow.